Thank you to the sponsors and partners of Ocean Rowing Stats

Base Camp Food

Base Camp Food is the leading supplier of outdoor, expedition and adventure meals. There are hundreds of meals to choose from, catering for all tastes and dietary requirements, as well as a superb range of stoves, cookware and hydration solutions. Base Camp Food offers expert, independent and friendly advice to support all adventures.

YB Tracking

YB Tracking provides world-leading tracking for every expedition, our products allow you to track and communicate with those you care about, via satellite, from anywhere on Earth. YB trackers are designed, assembled & tested in the UK which gives us control over the whole process and means we can maintain the highest quality.

SeaSports South West

SeaSports Southwest have trained more ocean rowing teams than anyone else in the world, including several race winners.  Working closely with race organisers they have developed a bespoke suite of training courses that combine to perfectly suit your row and your needs, whatever the length or location.

They can support you every step of the way; through their RYA training, the row and beyond, with support from their extended network of experts and community of rowers.  

Range Global Services

With satellite communications from Range Global Services all of your equipment and airtime service is included in one low monthly fee. 

Whether it’s short term for one month or long term for two years, RGS has plans that will save you thousands of dollars, as well eliminate the upfront purchase price of equipment. We also provide a U.S. based number, which eliminates the need of expensive international “satellite” toll charges or confusing two stage access dialling platforms.

In short, Range Global Services provides the lowest prices and best customer service for those needing or using satellite communications.

Shark Bait Socials

Shark Bait Socials provides social media storytelling for adventurers. Social media is often a crucial part of an ocean rowing campaign – be it for sponsors, for charitable aims, for family and friends, to create a following, or simply just to have your story out there to reflect upon in the future. Creating, and more importantly maintaining, that online narrative however, can be challenging and stressful.

Shark Bait Socials was created by ocean rower Barry Hayes to take all of that stress away. You can now engage your whole self in your brilliant adventure, safe in the knowledge that your story is being told in a deep and compelling way, by a passionate and knowledgeable proponent of your chosen challenge, using multiple posts per day. Your sponsors, charities, friends and family will become completely absorbed in your incredible pursuit, ready to celebrate with you when you reach land.

Get in touch today:  Tel: +44(0)7903 451 323

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