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Here at Ocean Rowing Stats, we believe everybody who has even tried to row an ocean should get a mention. This is why we have created this website as a free resource for all of the ocean rowing community. All paid for by our awesome partners.

NEW WORLD RECORD - Congratulations to Team Atlantic Nomads (Taylor Winyard, James Woolley & Thomas Rose) who set out from San Sebastián de La Gomera on 12 December 2021 as part of the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge and successfully rowed the 2550 nautical miles across the Atlantic Ocean, arriving in Nelson’s Dockyard, Antigua on 21 January 2021 with a time of 40 Days and 37 Minutes to become the FASTEST MIXED SEX TRIO TO ROW THE ATLANTIC OCEAN.

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We will display every single attempt to row any ocean in the world. Every successful crew that registers and complies with the Ocean Rowing Code of Conduct will receive an official certificate to ratify their entry into ocean rowing history. Don’t forget – We do not charge for this service, our repayment is seeing the sport of ocean rowing grow even more than it already has, in the safest way possible, with the most accurate information storage platform available.

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